Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are TNQ Holistic Therapies operating hours?

TNQ Holistic Therapies operate on an appointment only basis.

Click the "Book Now" button above to find a time that is most convenient for you.

We offer after hours and Saturday appointments.

2. Does TNQ Holistic Therapies offer Gift Vouchers?

Yes we most certainly do!

The gift of wellbeing is a great idea for love ones or someone in need of some fine tuning.

Simply contact us via email or telephone to discuss your gift requirements.

3. Do you need to wear underwear during body wraps and/or scrubs?

Entirely your decision.

If you choose not to, a towel will be strategically placed for discretion.

We suggest you bring a change of underwear, if you do choose to wear yours during a treatment.

4. What's the Cancellation Policy?

Our cancellation policy is clearly outlined on our FRESHA booking page.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with it when making your next appointment.

5. Contraindicators - what are they?

Whilst holistic therapies are natural and non-invasive and considered a safe form of treatment for most individuals, it is very important to be aware that there are sometimes reasons we should not treat a client and these are called contrandications.

There are three types of contraindications and these are:

* Total: when massage should not be performed under any circumstances.

* Localised: when treatments can be performed over the body but avoiding contraindicated areas.

* Medical: when treatments should only be performed once the medical permission of a GP, Consultant or other
medical practitioner has been sought and written permission is given.

When tailoring your treatment plan, we will discuss with you any concerns regarding contraindicators before initiating treatment.

6. How important is hydration after a treatment?

Water intake has a significant impact on your health and wellbeing.

It is imperative that you consume appropriate levels of water to keep you hydrated on a daily basis.

Doubling the amount of water intake within the first 24 hours after a treatment will assist in removing toxins from your systems.

Kindly refrain from consuming alcohol and/or drugs 24 hours prior to your treatment and 24 hours after your treatment.

You are unique and so is your health and wellbeing, that's why we are dedicated to delivering personalised treatments that cater to your individual needs.

Put yourself first and book your session today.

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